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"Crazy how fast we got to  market with BDI, I can't recommend these guys enough."

"This team of designers think on a different level, true innovation."

"Always my go to for 3D scanning, real experts and very knowledgeable."

  "Team BDI quoted me super fast and  delivered a massive 1.7metre high print in just 5 days!"

Sam - Design Engineer

Jason, 3D Artist

Darnell - Entrepreneur

Emilia - Sculptor

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​Discover how the talented team at BDI Lab can support your project and bring your product ideas to life. We specialise in not only developing products, but also the best strategy to benefit your launch and ongoing business. Our in house artists & designers are well versed at starting the product design process with creative sketch rounds. We develop a wide range of lo-fi concepts and hold focus groups to ensure the problem and solution are fully understood before we start investing time in detailed design. 

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BDI Lab supports SMEs in reducing design, engineering and prototyping related costs using 3D digital twins, simulation and virtual reality learning. 

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The BDI Lab offers a complete product development service. Our commitment is to provide the resources and expertise you need to succeed. From making strategic decisions to sketch development and engineering prototypes, we are here to help. Take a look around our site and get in touch to discuss your project. We offer a competitive advantage: Using workflows developed over the last 10 years we draw on techniques used in a wide range of industries, from Motorsport and animation to sculpture and theoretical physics; We owe this to our team and their diverse and deep knowledge. An optimised workflow means we pass cost and time savings on to you, the customer.

  • Our services are priced more competitively than many other engineering, 3D scanning and 3D printing services. 

  • BDI Lab have experience in many different sectors and share this knowledge between projects. 

  • Our supplier base is second to none having worked with top brands for many years.  

  • We have a reactive team on standby and can turn your job around on the same day if needed.

  • All of our services are quoted as fixed price jobs with flexible terms.

  • Our team have developed techniques for 3D scanning delicate and complex objects over the last decade. 

  • Customer satisfaction is a must at BDI Lab. If you are not satisfied we will keep working until you are. 

  • Our equipment is fully portable so we can scan objects at location, alternatively you are always welcome at our offices. 

  • We will provide you CAD data in a useable sealed mesh format: .STL .OBJ .STEP .IGES or .X_T. 

  • We can create NURBS models of any scan data to ensure the scan is easy for you to pick up and work with. 

  • Our design team can make changes to your mesh data or start engineering parts directly if required. 

  • We have engineers in countries all around the globe completing design tasks 24/7.




Our team is ready to support your design and engineering project. Get in touch by filling out the form below or give us a call to discuss how we can help.

Head Office

BDI Design Ltd

Pearce House, 

8 Circus Road West, 

Battersea, London, SW11 8ES

+44 (0) 2038 80 70 60

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Using CAD software often employed in the gaming and film industries we can remaster your mesh data to reduce file size whilst maintaining detail. 

We can also convert scan data into NURBS surface data for use in parametric software. This allows the continuity of surfaces to be improved and ultimately can result in an enhanced printed or CNC produced model. 

We can then either use CNC milling to produce larger physical mould masters, or 3D printing to produce smaller physical mould masters. Finally, the output mould masters are carefully hand finished ready for the final bronze casting stage, or whatever output medium the client requires. Hence, 3D scanning sculpture is a real game changer for Artists and Sculptors, as it enables high detail limited edition copies to be produced at virtually any scale!

Our unique insight has helped a number of product based start-ups reduce development costs and boost both commercial and creative success. 


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