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Intelligent 3D models

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Custom Automotive Components


Motorsport engineering has always been at the core of BDI Precision's skill set. We were contacted by members of the BRSCC & MSA to optimise various components within the stringent rules and regulations of their competitions.


We used our knowledge of reverse engineering to optimise parts for weight and flow. An example of an area where we were able to reduce vehicle weight and increase engine power output was in the high flow performance exhaust manifold we developed. Welded from the highest quality, hardest wearing aircraft grade T304 steel these performance exhaust are a must for front runners. This process of re-engineering parts can be applied to any standard exhaust manifold to produce significant gains in power. 

MX5 Exhaust Manifold Graphic Rev D.png

We have supported a number of clients producing both functional and aesthetic automotive components. Using our extensive supplier base we can source the highest quality manufacture and ensure the end products we deliver meet the strictest standards. We are used to delivering the absolute best products to some of the world's leading brands. 

Imperial College Chassis Rev A.3.PNG



BDI Precision has exactly the right digital tools for the job, and we really know how to use them. We support are clients with all aspects of the design process. From tackling the most awkward CAD geometry, to supporting the development of colour and trim. We can work closely with you team to engineer concept models into production ready parts by offering a complete design for manufacture service.

Front Wheel Assembly V42.PNG
  • Concept sketch development. 

  • Initial Photoshop renders

  • Rough concept CAD model creation. 

  • High resolution rendered images. 

  • Development of engineered designs.

  • Production quality CAD model creation. 

  • Hand calculation to validate designs.

  • Finite element analysis to test structures.

  • Computational fluid dynamics. 

  • Drafting technical drawings for manufacture. 

  • In house prototyping. 

  • Production supplier management.

  • Inspection.

  • Build and cycle testing. 


Our technology solutions with save you time and money.

  • Our services is price more competitively than any other 3D scanning service in the south east. 

  • We have a reactive team on standby and can turn your job around on the same day if needed.

  • All of our 3D scanning services are quoted as fixed price jobs.

  • Our team have developed techniques for 3D scanning delicate and complex objects over the last decade. 

  • Customer satisfaction is a must at BDI Precision. If you are not satisfied we will keep working until you are. 

  • Our equipment is fully portable so we can scan objects at location, alternatively you are always welcome at our offices. 

  • We will provide you data in a useable sealed mesh format: .STL .OBJ .STEP .IGES or .X_T. 

  • We can create NURBS models of any scan data to ensure the scan is easy for you to pick up and work with. 

  • Our design team can make changes to your mesh data or start engineering parts directly if required. 

  • if you already have scan data that needs cleaning up we are happy to take a look at that as well. 

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Head Office

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Design Director: William Wood

To apply for a job with BDI Precision please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 02031 767 811


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