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​ Discover how our industry leading technology is shaping the future of the creative arts. Our unique insight has helped a number of contemporary artists reduce their development costs and boost both commercial and creative performances.




BDI Precision supports a number of leading contemporaneity artist with 3D scanning services. We are able to 3D scan many different types of materials such as: stone, wood, clay, metal, foam, plastic, glass and even porcelain. We use the very latest aerospace none contact scanning technology to achieve amazing 3D scans, which can be accurate up to 0.3mm. Such accuracy usually enables us to capture an Artists touch and expression.

We are able to 3D scan objects upwards of 15cm. Once scanned, objects can be digitally re-scaled to the desired physical output size.

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Using CAD software often employed in the gaming and film industries we can remaster your mesh data to reduce file size whilst maintaining detail. 

We can also convert scan data into NURBS surface data for use in parametric software. This allows the continuity of surfaces to be improved and ultimately can result in an enhanced printed or CNC produced model. 

We can then either use CNC milling to produce larger physical mould masters, or 3D printing to produce smaller physical mould masters.

Finally, the output mould masters are carefully hand finished ready for the final bronze casting stage, or whatever output medium the client requires. Hence, 3D scanning sculpture is a real game changer for Artists and Sculptors, as it enables high detail limited edition copies to be produced at virtually any scale!


Our in house printers can print directly in wax allowing designs to be iterated easily and investment cast to be made with fine details. 



BDI Precision has exactly the right digital tools for the job, and we really know how to use them. Our team draw on software used in 3D animation to produce sculptural parts as well as parametric engineering software for technical tight tolerance parts.

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Using a wide range of CAD software allows us to take on the most challenging reverse engineering and sculptural CAD design challenges. These models can then be used to reproduce highly detailed parts by a number of production techniques. If you need NURBS data or you want to develop some specific geometry from your scan data we are very happy to help with that too. 

  • Entirely non invasive 3D capture of any surface.

  • Scan data captured to a resolution of 0.3mm accuracy. 

  • We scan parts as small as a wheel spinner to an entire car. 

  • Scan data processing and conversion to NURBS formats.

  • Data hand over in the formats: .STL .STEP .IGES .X_T.

  • Free initial consultation to discuss your project.

  • Fast turn around on 3D Scanning. 

  • On site and off site services available.


Our technology solutions with save you time and money.

  • Our services is price more competitively than any other 3D scanning service in the south east. 

  • We have a reactive team on standby and can turn your job around on the same day if needed.

  • All of our 3D scanning services are quoted as fixed price jobs.

  • Our team have developed techniques for 3D scanning delicate and complex objects over the last decade. 

  • Customer satisfaction is a must at BDI Precision. If you are not satisfied we will keep working until you are. 

  • Our equipment is fully portable so we can scan objects at location, alternatively you are always welcome at our offices. 

  • We will provide you data in a useable sealed mesh format: .STL .OBJ .STEP .IGES or .X_T. 

  • We can create NURBS models of any scan data to ensure the scan is easy for you to pick up and work with. 

  • Our design team can make changes to your mesh data or start engineering parts directly if required. 

  • if you already have scan data that needs cleaning up we are happy to take a look at that as well. 

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Our team is ready to support your design and engineering project. Get in touch by filling out the form below or give us a call to discuss how we can help.

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Head Office

SB.450 Southbank House

Black Prince Road

London SE1 7SJ

Contact Our Team 

Design Director: William Wood

To apply for a job with BDI Precision please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 02031 767 811


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